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Did you know 70% of your immune system is in your gut, so is it any wonder when our gut isn’t healthy that we aren’t healthy.

Our body produces a certain amount of enzymes to help us digest our food, but we have to get the rest of them from the food we eat. And in today’s world what is the mainstay, fast food, quick and easy meals, snacks, sugary drinks.

Let’s take a look at the three big for digestion, they are proteins, fats, carbohydrates. If we eat what we can’t digest we start having signs and symptoms. Some of those signs and symptoms can be minor to extreme. Do you have any of these issues, bloating, gas, heartburn, acid reflux, headaches, allergies, pain all over, Hackney, shoulder pain, back and leg pain, diarrhea, constipation, and the list goes on and on it comes from not having enough enzymes to digest what we eat.

And do you realize if you said yes to any of these you’re probably taking a prescription medication that only helps the symptoms not fix the source.

All of this causes deviation from normal homeostasis which causes symptoms. How this all happens can come from a chemical, physical, or emotional stimulus and they all cause STRESS, and those are the only three. If this stimulus or stress continues for a long time or is very strong, your body cannot compensate, you then exhaust the body’s mechanism to fix this, remember the old saying “You Rob Peter to pay Paul”.

One thing to remember is there is no new body functions in disease, only those that are proceeding to fast, too slow or out of sync. And that’s where Loomis Enzymes comes into play. With the Loomis system we recognize the body function that is out of tune, and determine which organ is not able to perform its responsibilities in maintaining homeostasis. Once this is done it becomes easier to determine the stimulus and remove it. You also have to nourish the exhausted organs or tissues and some say “healing magically occurs”. If this goes on for too long and is too strong it leaves the alarm system to go off and we become exhausted and have structural damage.

The role of nutrition and enzyme replacement therapy is not to treat disease but to prevent disease.

If you recognize functional changes to homeostasis or what most people say normal and remove them before they cause a structural change people get health. I was once told that the strongest stimulus apply to the human body on a continual basis is the food and drink that we put into it.

Not everybody can be on the same diet because every body ingests and the body’s ability to digest, absorb, transport, utilize and eliminate as much overlooked aspect of the healing art today. These things do not automatically occur, the body hast to be working together for these to happen.

At Body Connection we take each individual as just that, an individual. We realize that not every body works the same. At Body Connection we sit down with you and go through the signs and symptoms, find out what you’re eating, do a palpatory exam, and a 24 hour urinalysis. We get to the bottom of what’s causing these stresses, remove the stress, add some digestive enzymes to help you nourish the organs and digest the food. We don’t use the Band-Aid approach.

Dr. Howard Loomis formulated the first enzyme for human consumption, and over the years has refined and perfected his product. To find out more about Dr. Loomis and find all the latest information click hereĀ

Call Body Connection today at 608-328-2039 for your free consultation to get started to a healthier you.

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